The importance of PRAYER in this critical season, and how we might be praying

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We are at a defining juncture in the nation’s history. Either our foundations will be restored, or we will cast off all restraint and become like the nations that have forgotten God and goodness. That is not an exaggeration. This is a battle of good vs. evil, and the enemy is playing for keeps.

There are two main purposes for prayer. The first is to shift things in the heavenlies so that situations on earth can be affected. The second is to keep ourselves in the will of God and in His perfect peace, though the storm may be raging.

There is a difference between the prayer of supplication and intercession. Supplication is us praying for things according to the will of God as we understand it; intercession is placing ourselves on God’s altar and allowing Him to pray through us (Rom 8.26-27). There is no higher calling in the world than intercession; it is what Christ is doing right now for us (Heb 7:24-25).

When we pray we are aligning ourselves with His very prayers on our behalf. This draws the power of God down into our circumstances.
We need pray-ers and we need intercessors, both, at this critical hour.

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. This can be as we’re going about our day, or by the ‘going into your bedroom and closing the door’ kind of dedicated prayers.

Here are a few things we can be praying for at this juncture:

  • That the truth will out; that the powers of darkness will not be able to suppress the truth.
  • That chaos would reign in the camp of the legion of darkness; that confusion would twist their counsel; that their evil actions would be futile.
  • That the veil would be lifted off the minds and spiritual senses of the people, so that they would discern the lie when it is spoken.
  • That any media committed to the lie would fall into disfavor and be brought to nothing.
  • That anyone involved in wrongdoing would repent and come over to the side of Light – for the sake of their own souls, and also for the common good, as much would come of insider testimony.
  • That those on the side of Light – Rudy, Sidney, Jenna, Lin, Joe and Victoria and any other lawyers, President Trump and his family, those loyal in his administration, any courageous media willing to tell the truth, any whistleblowers, and innocent demonstrators in the streets, would all enjoy divine protection, the tongue of disciples, and good success in all their endeavors.
  • That the nation would consider the matters before it in peace and true open-minded reflection.
  • And finally, that the evidence supporting the truth would be so overwhelmingly convincing that the vast majority of America would see who is the rightful elected president, so there could be no reasonable contestation.

May this please the Lord, and may His perfect will be done for this nation, in Jesus’ name.

Hopefully this has helped someone. Please add your prayer concerns.

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China is in severe crisis, in many ways

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China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero

According to the ZeroHedge article linked above, the Chinese economic panda has literally gone into hibernation. All the metrics are horrendous, as if commerce has almost stopped altogether. This is a nation in deep crisis.

Trump was right, going all the way back to 2013 and beyond, when he said that the US is holding all the cards, we only needed someone at the helm who understood business and was willing to lead. We have that person now. In less than a year Trump brought the already flailing Chinese economy to its knees, and the Communists humbly back to the bargaining table.

And that was before the 19nCoV Coronavirus. Now, with almost half the population under quarantine, what is the outlook?

Already there were signs of civil unrest, notably at Hong Kong, as the government had turned up its persecution of minorities, including Christians, drastically in recent years. And on top of all their other sins, the reports of systematic live organ harvesting among some minorities are credible and persistent.

My prayer is that the Lord would use this pervasive crisis to bring to the Chinese people the righteous government they need. And as China goes, so goes North Korea. May President Trump stay strong and have wisdom.


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Wonderful story of the late Orson Bean’s conversion

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Bean was the proverbial “up and outer”, who was living the dream and suddenly found it all meaningless. It’s amazing how simple prayer can be so life-changing. Bean went on to become Andrew Breitbart’s father in law. He led him to conservatism, and I believe to the Lord as well. 

Fame did make him happy, for a while. “It got me laid and made me money and it was fun. I wanted more, so I graduated to drugs and booze. They worked, too, for a while (quite a long while, actually),” he said.

Then one day — Bean told Breitbart Radio — “it just stopped working and became nothing.”

He enrolled in a 12-step program and eventually asked a tough-looking member named Bobby: “What should I do?”

“Get down on your knees,” he told me, “and thank God every morning. Then, do it again at night.”

“But I don’t think I believe in God,” Bean retorted.

“It doesn’t matter,” Bobby said. “Just do it.”

“Why do I have to get down on my knees?”

“He likes it,” said Bobby. “And that’s all he said to me. He stood there looking at me for a minute and then I said OK and thanked him and he took off.”

Though he felt a little silly, that very night, Bean got down on his knees and said, “if there’s anybody up there, thank you for the day.” He said he slept like a log and in the morning got down on his knees again and said, “If there’s anybody there, thank you for my night’s sleep.”

“Little by little it stopped feeling foolish. I began to feel if my prayer was being heard… that whatever or whoever loved me,” Bean said.

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Trump, his critics, forgiveness, and false peace

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If you saw President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast last week, you know he expressed his difficulty in forgiving those who do evil to him and our nation. He said he has a hard time believing that these people pray for him as they say, when at the same time they are doing what they know is wrong.

Predictably, in response many religious leaders condemned his statements. They say he should have made nice with Pelosi, who was sitting only a few seats away, and called for unity.

I think he could have chosen softer words, but there is a problem when people continually try to reign in Trump. He can be hard to take sometimes, but he’s real, which is more than I can say for many. More importantly, the enemy has been able to thrive for decades in this country because we have run from confronting him, or we have confronted him on his terms. We play nice to the media, because we don’t want them to dislike us, and we certainly don’t want them to print anything negative about us. But where did that get us? To the precipice of national perdition.

Trump won the election precisely because of – not in spite of — his willingness to call a spade a spade. Evangelical pharisees are still trying at this point to place a halter on him, which is what they’ve been trying to do all along. Devin Nunes said last week that one of the most important things Trump has taught us is not to be afraid of the media, but to confront them. And, I will add, that goes for pharisaical religionists as well.

I’m looking at the fruit. Trump has the most amazing administration I’ve seen or heard of in terms of accomplishments – particularly, the kind of accomplishments Evangelicals have been praying for for decades.

Yes, I hope Trump does forgive his enemies in his own heart, for his own sake. But on the national stage, he needs to continue to bring the fire to them. Because they and their evil works thrive when we maintain a false peace. And we have done that for far too long.

I hope Christians are not led astray by calls for a counterfeit spirituality based on false peace. When we pray for Trump, among other things we need to pray that his courage to confront evil does not fail.

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Pelosi fell right into Donald’s trap

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Note to Nancy Pelosi: do not fight Donald Trump on his terms. You will not win.

Nancy Pelosi has been openly feuding with Donald Trump since October, when she blew up at him in a public meeting. She failed to understand that she was playing right into his strength. Had she not perused his twitter feed? Did she think she could match Donald blow for blow?

Losing your poise is the last thing a politician should want to do. And it wasn’t a simple one-off; Pelosi got in touch with her inner witch and decided she was going to take Trump down no matter what. Previously she had been a voice of moderation and had opposed the young, radical Dem “Squad”. She had insisted impeachment would have to be bipartisan to be legitimate and not divide the nation. But now she switched sides precipitously, gave in to radical Dem demands, and signed onto a doomed impeachment attempt.

It was not going to go well; it could not go well, especially in the wake of the utterly bankrupt Mueller Report blowing up in the Dem’s faces. You make bad judgments when you allow your emotions to get the best of you.

Going into the House chamber last night, Trump ignored Pelosi’s politely outstretched hand. That was the final straw for this poor woman. All during the speech she could be seen making sulllen faces, looking at printed copy in an effort to distract herself, and even speaking loud enough for the president to hear her.

Trump delivered a powerful SOTU speech, one of the best I’ve heard, but it must be admitted he did not soft-pedal some of his more divisive points. All this was too much for Nan. And she responded exactly how Trump would have wanted, with a huge national audience watching, by spitefully tearing up her copy of the speech.

Trump has divided our politics, and thank God for it. Playing the “Dem-Lite” “me-too” game for decades had destroyed the Republican Party, and the nation was sliding into perdition. This is why the Dems hate Trump – because he has forced them to reveal who they really are. He has ripped off their mask for all to see.

And now Nancy Pelosi has added her amen to what Trump has revealed. She has given Americans a clear choice: side with Trump and his amazing achievements and positive vision, or side with the Dems, where identity politics and irrational personal vendettas trump the nation’s welfare.

The blacks were watching, the latinos were watching, the independents were watching. The Democrat Party is imploding before our eyes, and last night will be the enduring emblem of Nancy Pelosi’s horrible legacy.

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Trump in Singapore

June 10, 2018 Leave a comment

“Trump in Singapore” is going to give “Nixon in China” a run for the metaphoric money from now on. Billed as a no-nothing white nationalist, it is Trump who is making giant strides to end a war that has eluded resolution since 1953. The irony of the Nixon in China metaphor is that Nixon, being strong on defense, was the last one anyone foresaw as reaching out and opening up China. The same holds true with Trump among the masses, because the dominant left-wing media has non-stop painted him as a reckless yahoo, rather than the lover of peace and prosperity he actually is. They never did get the peace-through-strength thing.

If this adventure does bear fruit, it is going to be a massive wake-up for the legions of citizens that have been constantly misled by our benighted media, which for years sacrificed any shred of journalistic integrity in order to push its leftist agenda. Similarly, woe to the Democrat Party, which will be openly revealed as the nation-destroying mess it is, incapable of any real creative governance.

Trump’s “Strange” endorsement

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Please forgive another political post, but I care about what’s going on in this nation.

There’s an interesting Senate race currently taking place in Alabama. It’s taking place to fill the slot left vacant by the ascension of Sen. Jeff Sessions to the Attorney General post.

Luther Strange was selected to fill Session’s seat temporarily. He’s been a good supporter of Trump, and Trump has reciprocated by endorsing him and now actively campaigning for him.

The problem is that Strange has some very solid competition. Judge Roy Moore, he of support for displaying the 10 Commandments in the public square fame, is running for the seat. And Moore has been walloping Strange since Day One. Conservatives love Moore, who has always stood for solid values.

Strange is seen as more of an establishment type. He supports Trump on most of the big issues, but if I may speak for most conservatives, he is not well trusted.

So why then did Trump endorse Strange? Tonight, at a Strange rally, Trump admitted that he did so out of “loyalty”, and he even allowed that he might have made a mistake! Some endorsement. If nothing else, you have to love Trump’s honesty.

The scenario reminds me strongly of Mike Pence’s last minute endorsement of Ted Cruz before the Indiana primary last year. Pence endorsed Cruz, and then spent the rest of the announcement lauding Trump. So why then did Pence endorse Cruz? I can only surmise it was because Cruz ticked all the boxes: pretty good conservative record, open evangelical Christian, etc, whereas Trump was known primarily for his earthy lifestyle.

In other words, Pence went by the scorecard and voted based on loyalty, despite what his heart was telling him, just as Trump is doing today.

The problem is, ladies and gentlemen, the scorecard doesn’t cut it when you are up against the wall and need a hail Mary – if you’ll pardon the metaphor. Cruz would have been destroyed in the general election. He was compromised ideologically, and Hillary’s machine would have eaten him for breakfast. Only the bombastic, new-media-savvy Trump, who offered the electorate a genuinely different choice, had a chance against her, despite what the fake polls and biased prognosticators were trying to tell us.

And now Trump is making the same mistake. He looks at the scorecard. He reasons that he has to play nice with the Senators Club, so they’ll be nice to him. And he votes establishment.

But while Trump’s base still supports him, they are not agreeing with him on this one. They are mature enough to know they can vote against his recommendation and still support him on the national level. This is a very good thing.

Trump said tonight that if Moore wins the runoff, he will support him in the general election come November. That is a good thing, and I hope it will come down to exactly that.

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An election-day appeal to those, especially Christians, thinking of not voting.

November 8, 2016 Leave a comment

Charles Spurgeon once said “Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. So choose not to vote.” A lot of people have been disappointed, or even disgusted by the presidential race, and have tuned out entirely and plan not to vote.

But is that a viable choice? Look around. The nation is on life support. Our institutions are crumbling before our eyes on a daily basis. The lives of people and families, and their finances, are in horrible shape. Our borders are non-existent under the ruling globalist elite, and crime, terrorism, and racial strife is steadily becoming the new norm.

I don’t consider getting control of these things, as Donald Trump has consistently promised to do, to be evil, I consider it to be good. Trump has surrounded himself with high-quality advisers, including the best of the military, congress and the church. For months now he has laid out highly-specific policy details, and he has committed himself to a list of Supreme Court nominees that experts have lauded.

As a Christian, I am not voting for a pastor, I am not choosing a spouse. I am voting for a person I think will be able to lead this nation back from the threshold of the abyss it has all but crossed. Our house is on fire. We need someone who can put it out. We can discuss doctrine afterward. Hillary Clinton, though, would use the burning house to roast hog dogs, and sell them at a profit to onlookers.
How many Christians would have chosen the ones Jesus picked to be His leaders? Why didn’t He go to the religious conservatives to find the future leaders of His church? Like it or not, the ones He chose were more like Trump than those we tend to esteem. Even the Apostle John, who is now known as the great messenger of love, was so reactionary that he wanted to call down fire from heaven to consume those who disagreed with them. On the night before Jesus was crucified, the disciples argued over who was the greatest. Sounds like the way Trump used to live to me.

There also are other biblical parallels that have been cited, where an unbeliever has served God’s people, such as kings Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar.

In the gospels, there is a parable of a nobleman who goes off to a distant land to secure his kingdom. Many in the land oppose his rule, so as he leaves the protagonist tells his followers to “occupy” (KJV) until he returns. The original word there is pragmatuei, from whose root we get the word “pragmatism”. Pragmatism is not a dirty word. Correctly used, it is a Jesus word. Jesus was saying that the way forward was going to be rough. There was stiff opposition and His followers should not expect easy gains. Hard decisions would have to be made in an imperfect world. They should be down to earth, and there was no place for either triumphalism or naivete.

Of course, we should never violate first principles. But I don’t see how voting for an imperfect man who may well be our only chance to change the direction of the nation is violating any principles. Quite the opposite, really.

I believe Donald Trump is what we need to change the direction of the nation – and the world. This is not a panacea. The church will still have tons of work to do – work that only it can do. But our house is on fire and we need to put it out. Today, November 8th, we have that chance. It may well be our last.


Jon Voight’s inspirational election message

October 14, 2016 Leave a comment

IMO, this is Jon Voight’s greatest moment. A study in courage and truth. May God bless.

Affliction and comfort in Christ

October 13, 2016 Leave a comment

Text: 2 Corinthians 1:1-13

Paul’s theme here is that God comforts those in affliction. He does so, and then those who have been comforted are able to comfort others. Thus the ministry of Christ is multiplied throughout His body.

Christ’s comfort is made manifest alongside His affliction. Todd White has said that we are given the Comforter because God knew we would find ourselves in places where we would need comfort; where the comforts of this life and self-comfort would not be enough. We would need supernatural comfort, available only from God.

So when we are afflicted, we are comforted. And when we are comforted, we can comfort others. When we afflicted, we do not afflict others, as many in the world actually do; instead, through the Holy Spirit, we comfort others. The focus in all cases is on comfort, not affliction.

The hidden key to all this is in verse 6, where Paul says we must patiently endure our sufferings. Some – indeed, many – of the good things of God are only obtained through patient endurance in His course of discipleship. Hebrews 13 brings out how discipline is grievous in its time, but afterward brings forth the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Righteousness – being fully reconciled to God, not only forensically but manifestly, practically – is exactly what we need in order to overcome the hurdles of this life. Righteousness is akin to Christlikeness, for as we are conformed to the likeness of the Savior we increasingly take on His character. Christlikeness is the be-all and end-all of our program of sactification, for God intends that we fully become sons of Light, and no darkness will be permitted in His presence in the coming Kingdom. Therefore we must change.

Time and again during His ministry, the Lord Jesus warned His followers that the way would be hard. “Cramped and narrow is the way that leads to life”, while “broad and spacious is the way to destruction” He tells us in the Sermon. We must “hate” parents, family, even our own life, if we are to be His disciples, He warns. This is not a carnal hatred of the intrinsic thing, it is a putting of God first, not allowing anyone or anything, no matter how dear to our souls, to interfere with His purposes.

And so, in Asia, for whatever reason, Paul and his company were burdened, even beyond their ability to endure. It is often said that God does not give us more than we can handle. This is not an accurate reading of 1Cor 10.13 It says there that God will provide the way out, so that we can endure it. In other words, God will add His strength to ours, so that we can endure what was unendurable. That’s a whole different ball game. Once we understand that, we stop praying for an easy life, and we start praying for strength. It’s sometimes right to pray for escape (as the disciples did when Peter was jailed), but if continuing in it is against the will of God, we will get weaker. But if we pray for strength, we will grow in spirit and overcome all obstacles. We have to test the spirits.

So Paul went through that process in Asia. He was burdened beyond his ability to endure, but Holy Spirit came and “took hold on the other side” (which is, by definition, what the Para-klete does), and aided him. He endured and ultimately overcame. And now he was writing the Corinthians, not preaching a gospel of ease and pleasure, but giving comfort and helping them to overcome their afflictions.

The affliction Paul endured was so great it felt like a sentence of death, causing Paul to despair of life itself. Have you ever been there, despite being in Christ? God allows us to fall into situations where life puts its finger on the deepest root issues of our hearts. Under this pressure, we are in great pain and our strength is taken from us. We does God allow this? He cannot share His glory with anyone. Sanctification is ultimately His work, not ours, and He reserves its deepest work for His hands alone. This is why He denied Paul’s request for removal of his “thorn”, explaining, “My grace is sufficient, for My power is perfected in weakness” (2cor 12).

Paul learned in his darkest moments to trust neither in man nor in himself, but in God alone. This is advanced Christianity. If you learn this lesson, no failure of brother or church will derail you. It will hurt to go through, but your strength will be in God, not fallible man, so you will not stumble utterly.

Paul testifies that God did deliver him from that dark trail. Then he says an interesting thing: he trusts that God will deliver him again. We should not think that Paul’s trial was a one-time affair. No, that trail had come and gone, and Paul was now faced with fresh challenges. Perhaps the current trial wasn’t as great as the one in Asia that led him to despair of life. We are not told. But the significant thing is that Paul’s life was filled with trials, and those who want to live godly in Christ Jesus should expect no different.

That is not to say the life of the Christian is all drudgery. That would be a radical misstatement. While we do have adversities, afflictions and trials in this life, we also have the comfort and joy of Holy Spirit. And the more we focus on the latter, and the more victories we have, and the more maturity we gain, the more confident we become in God’s faithfulness and in His ability to deliver. And with that confidence comes Gospel power.

One final point. Paul ends his discourse on affliction and comfort by entreating the Corinthians to pray for him and his company. It is through prayer and practical aid that the Body comforts itself and builds itself up in love. These prayers can be open and known, or they can be hidden, known only to the Throne. But it is through sharing in each other’s burdens that the Body draws together and fulfills the law of Christ, which is love, even sacrificial love.

So when we are heavily burdened, let us not despair, but let us turn our focus to Christ, who will aid us and in due season raise us out of the affliction. And let us join in solidarity, in both prayer and action, with those who are suffering – of which there are many.

May the comfort of Holy Spirit be on all those who love the Lord and seek His rightful reign.

Pragmatism and prophecy regarding Donald Trump

May 6, 2016 Leave a comment

All of my Christian life I considered pragmatism to be an evil. I equated it to compromise, while in my idealism I tried to see myself as a hero taking courageous stands for Christ. Way back, there was one sermon that got a lot of play around here, and its message was that “compromise is of the devil”.

And so I was surprised several months ago, when in my reading of the New Testament I came across the parable of the nobleman, found in Luke 19 . The story is about a nobleman who travels to a distant land to secure his kingdom. He leaves his subjects behind in an adverse environment, and tells them to “occupy”, or “do business” until he returns.

I had heard that word, occupy, bandied about a lot. It is what we Christians are supposed to do until the Lord returns for us. But I never really got what it meant. Occupying seems a very passive endeavor. It is what protesters often do. It is what sluggards do at work, instead of actually working. It didn’t seem right that the Lord would want us to simply take up space or be content with the status quo, so I went to the Greek to find out what it might mean.

It turns out that occupy in the Greek is Pragmateuomai. This is where we get the word pragmatism. It’s used in the verse as a verb: “pragmatize until I return”. I was shocked to see this word used there. It was the last thing I expected.

Jesus was say­ing, “guys, I’m going to be a while. There are some very dark elements here. They hate Me and are opposed to My rule, and they are going to make things very hard for you. Because you will be up against adversity, you are going to have to be very practical. Keep your feet solidly on the ground, even as you continually think about Me and look for My return.”

Once again the amazing word of God had liberated me from an old and stale understanding of a concept I had heard from my earliest days. I prayed that the Lord would always increase my understanding in this way, for this is the path to freedom and power!

I bring all this up because of the crazy presidential primary season we have experienced. I have followed it closely, and my own feelings about some of the candidates changed as I learned more.

I began to notice that Donald Trump was destroying political correctness time and again. Before him, nothing else could. And then I saw him take a strong stand against illegal immigration, and even radical Islam, which no one else would do. Over the years I never had been a Trump fan, but now I found I actually began to think he might have something to offer.

At the same time, the guy who I should have been favoring, who had all the Christian “cred” – I found I was liking him less and less. And indeed, trusting him less and less. His actions didn’t seem to line up with his rhetoric.

There are times it’s definitely true that compromise is “of the devil”. When first principles are at stake, we dare not trade them for a lesser good. But short of that, when there is no ideal option, we need to evaluate the situation and make the best practical choice.

Now, that would be the end of this article, except that I have come across an amazing prophecy concerning Trump. This prophecy was given five years ago, yet it describes what has been going on as if it’s last week’s newspaper. The upshot is that Trump is going to be elected, and he will be used of God to return this nation from the abyss of political correctness. You will find the prophecy here: It’s a captivating one hour radio show.

And then there’s a second prophecy, this one shorter. It’s similar to the first, but adds the parallel of the biblical Cyrus to the mix. Cyrus was a Persian king that the Lord used to bring the Israelites out of captivity and back to the land. He was not saved. He was, to our knowledge, not religious. But that wasn’t important. He was a secular power and he used his position to help the Jews. And that’s all that mattered. The prophecy is here:

My own feeling is that America has sunk so low that it is going to take a hard-nosed battering ram like Donald Trump to break the stranglehold that grips her. The church cannot afford to wait around for an ideal leader who does everything the ideal way. We’re going to have to take what we can get, and trust in the Lord to put it all together.

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The kind of faith that pleases God

April 23, 2016 Leave a comment

Hebrews 11 is the famous “faith chapter”. There the writer talks about what faith is and gives us some great examples of faith.

The two verses in particular that define what faith is are vss. 1 and 6:

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. -Heb 11:1

And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him. -Heb 11:6

That’s from the ESV translation. I want to focus on vs. 6 Let’s look at it in the new DLNT translation, to get a better idea of the original verbs and tenses:

And without faith it is impossible to please Him. For the one coming-to God must believe that He is, and He becomes the rewarder to the ones seeking Him out. -Heb 11:6

You will see that the main difference is found in the last clause. First, the more accurate translation stresses that God “becomes” the rewarder, not merely that He “rewards”. This is not an esoteric difference, because it implies the passage of time.

Many times in our walk we have to sow in faith, and there is a time lag before we reap the harvest. Just as it is in the natural, as any farmer or gardener will tell you, rewards do not come instantly. For much of our sowing period, we’re putting in the work but it may not seem that God is rewarding us for it. But we press on in faith, knowing the reward will come in time. In this sense, God “becomes” the rewarder. Thus the original text adds a little color to the grammar to stress this delay between sowing and reaping.

But the second difference is even more powerful. Whereas the ESV simply has “seek”, the DLNT has “seeking out”. And for good reason. The original verb in the Greek is Ekzeteo – to seek out. The writer could have merely used “zeteo” – to seek. But the “ek” is added for emphasis. This word means “out”. We still say “eke out”, as in “eke out a living”, implying a laborious, tedious process, often not highly rewarding. Because the writer opted to include the intensive, we can conclude that he is trying to convey something more than routine seeking.

First, he is saying that there are going to be times when our seeking after God will not be comfortable. We will have to go out of the box to lay hold of Him. We will have to leave the comfort zone behind, because He is calling us to something much greater than ourselves. This alone will separate mere curiosity seekers from those hungry for God. The Gospels are rife with Jesus dissuading those merely looking for a sign or a heady religious experience, and with warnings that following Christ is going to cost us in the natural. We need to get it settled then, that we do indeed want God. That’s the first thing this tiny prefix tells us.

Secondly, the writer is telling us that even when we have to go out of our way, even when it’s hard, and even when the reward for our effort seems small, the kind of faith that pleases God still holds fast to Him, and maintains that our reward will come in due season, because faithfulness and lovingkindness are intrinsic parts of God’s character. We realize that the whole enterprise turns on God’s character, and because we will not allow any slander to stand, we will hold fast to our faith in His goodness and our ultimate reward!

So this little verse packs quite a punch – more than we might have seen on its surface. It is saying that we need to be serious about following God wherever that might lead us, and that our reward might seem delayed. It is saying that for now the reward might seem small – barely enough to sustain us; that this is what we should expect at times, and that when we encounter that test, we need to fall back on a determined, persistent faith that pleases Him greatly.

When things get tough we can remind ourselves of God’s wonderful character and His ability to reward us, and we will gain renewed strength for the task before us. 

Galatians 6.1 is on point here:

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. -Gal 6:9

Maybe this little insight will help you next time you are seeking to know God better, or to know His will for your life. Stay on course, and immerse yourself in the love and promises of God. Everyone who asks, receives, everyone who seeks, finds, and to everyone who knocks, it is opened.




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