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Time to start a ‘One Nation Under God’ movement

From Florida comes an outrageous story of a young man who was fired from Home Depot for wearing a “One Nation Under God” button on his orange apron. He had worn the button for a year, got no complaints, even had one supervisor admire it and want to get one for herself. But when he began bringing his Bible to work, management clamped down and demanded he removed the button. He refused.

The good thing about this story is the amount of support he’s getting from the community. Everyone is proud that the young man is standing up for his values and beliefs.

How could we have fallen so far that wearing a simple button, whose words are merely an excerpt from the Pledge of Allegiance, is not acceptable in a place of business? Because of the encroachment of politically correct secular humanism, we have lost the ability to discern between good and evil. Our nation has a case of spiritual AIDS, whereby our immune system fails to identify life-threatening parasites.

Make no mistake, this was all intentional. If you don’t believe that, read the two Humanist Manifestos. The first, around 1933 if memory serves, was overtly religious. But the humanists realized that labeling their ungodly beliefs as a religion aroused the opposition’s defenses too much. So in the 60s they corrected that by issuing a secular manifesto. Now their beliefs were able to seep into our institutions at the same time they used a perversion of the First Amendment to exclude all overt religion from the public square.

Most of the troops on the ground were not aware of this, but the leaders were. They knew exactly what they were doing. The goal was to remake the United States in their own godless image. And that was not enough, they wanted the world as well, so globalist multiculturalism was thrust on us as well.

Since the election of Obama, we have seen an unbelievable acceleration of statist totalitarianism, from the takeover of private industries to the selling of future generations into slavery to an almost unresolvable mountain of debt. None of this would have been possible but for the complicity of the media, which has blown all credibility for its fawning over the president. It is no exaggeration to say that the media elected Obama.

At some point, if we are going to turn things around, the little guy has to stand up. Here’s the beauty of it: it doesn’t have to be anything grand that is done. In fact, it’s best if our assertion of values and beliefs is NOT grand, because flashes in the pan too quickly subside.

Instead, let’s make an unthreatening, quiet, but lasting statement. Let’s all get ONE NATION UNDER GOD buttons and start wearing them. Not a word need be spoken. And if we all do it, businesses will have to adapt. They can’t fire everybody.

Little things indeed mean a lot. If everyone gets on board we can rekindle our nation’s founding spirit. It’s really worth doing. Let’s redeem the time and make that statement.

Follow-up: Ex-Home Depot Worker to File Religious Discrimination Lawsuit: Christianpost.com

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  1. September 8, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    We just started a charitable organization promoting our Christian heritage in America and could use all the grassroots support we can get. Christianity is in America’s DNA! We’re trying to get the word out and help Americans rediscover our true history. Check out the historical resource site: http://www.godaboveall.org or the blog at recoveringskeptic.blogspot.com.


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