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A handy online Bible utility

EDIT: As of 4/2016, this site seems down. Too bad, was a nice service.

I just came across on Twitter a very neat Bible utility that you might find handy. If you want to link to any Bible passage, you can quickly write it in the format: http://scrip.ly/bk:vss. Here’s an example:


This saves looking up a URL from an online Bible and then perhaps shortening it. It’s a pretty intelligent engine, recognizing split passages such as:


And note that my preferred use of the period rather than colon is recognized as well (this is easier on the Dvorak keyboard layout).

One drawback at this time is that one cannot browse the Bible at the scrip.ly site, except by writing in an enlarged passage (which really isn’t too hard):


Maybe some day scrip.ly will make the Chapter tab clickable. That will be a good way to encourage visitors to hang around and do further Bible reading. The URL above also shows the shorter “www.” syntax, which works because it is redirected to the default. The “www” arrangement is easier to type, but Twitterers be aware that many third party Twitter clients that I have used, including the popular TweetDeck and HootSuite (my favorite), do not mark up this syntax into a clickable link.

Scrip.ly is a clever idea and a great service for spreading the Word!

Hint: click on this blog’s ‘bible software” tag in the sidebar for more articles relating to Bible programs and modules.


Separately, I came across a great brief exhortation to prayer. I’ve been devoting more time to prayer, and have been seeing amazing breakthroughs, but opposition comes, and this piece came at a good time. See who is praying three hours a day and what it will do.

Be blessed,


  1. November 13, 2009 at 10:35 pm

    Actually I was wrong about split passages, or they changed it. jer29:11,13 produces jer 29:11-13. Still a great service.

  1. November 12, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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