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Startling evidence of how far we have fallen

If you want to get a taste for how far we’ve fallen, for how deeply our culture has embraced a suicidal level of political correctness that prevents us from defending ourselves from evil, give http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Y2QxNWFlZDM5MDQ0NzM4MDg3ZjA3MDE5ZjNmYzBjYzU a read.

The Army has learned nothing at all from the Ft. Hood massacre, and indeed seems to have stepped up efforts to insure that no Muslim will be offended by our response to that atrocity – even to the point of inviting representatives of terrorist organizations in to lecture our troops and to care for them as chaplains.

Can you see that the West is doomed unless it returns to the Lord? All our freedoms, all our accomplishments, were not due to our brilliance or natural resources, they came because we ordered ourselves according to the revealed truth of God’s Word. We are seeing dramatic and horrible proof of that assertion, as we now witness our downfall even in the midst of the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen, because we have functionally abandoned our God, the one true God, the only God.

I’m torn with how best to fight this battle. I know it needs to be fought spiritually, through prayer and the Word. I know the Kingdom and the church need to be built up. But at the same time I believe that getting the warning out regarding political developments can be used of the Lord to wake people up to our dire condition.

Between the globalist humanists on one hand and the radical Muslims on the other, we are living in critical times.


  1. December 4, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Disturbing story–thanks for the link.

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