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Two for the earth (and your pocketbook)

(12/16: added Monckton-Gore file.)

Pardon another enviro piece, but I’d rather see our hard-earned money go to families, churches, and the Gospel than to chasing CO2 dreams. Again via HotAir.com.

First, a great interview by Lord Monckton, a gentleman with a lot of class. That rarity in today’s superheated political environment, coupled with his command of the facts, makes him hard to refute. I bet the woman went away with some things to think about.

And if you think it unfair that Monckton confronted a poor laywoman who couldn’t possibly keep up with him, take a minute and a half and consider THIS standing offer by Monckton to debate the Great Gore himself, and then give THIS shameful episode, in which Gore ran the other way when Monckton showed up, a quick read. (One can understand Gore’s reticence, when he regularly comes out with absurd statements such as the earth’s core being MILLIONS of degrees.)

Then a little ditty on the tale the Greenlandic ice cores tell. It’s really time that the scientific establishment stopped circling the wagons and allowed a real open debate on the data. The exposed emails of Climategate prove that Al Gore’s oft-stated pronouncement that ‘the science is settled’ is, to put it politely, far from true.

It’s heartening that public opinion is beginning to tank on this conspiracy. The data needs a whole lot more critical evaluation before we can accept the premise that a) catastrophic global warming is happening, and b) man is causing it. And ironically, the remedies that are being debated, despite being devastating to our ecomomies (and think how that would make us vulnerable to Islamic aggression), by admission of even the top proponents of warming, would hardly do a thing to stop the supposed trend.

That’s got to make you wonder. If herculean efforts by us will barely effect the supposed warming, on what basis are we to believe that we have caused it in the first place?

I fervently wish the West would just grow up and get real. Haven’t we got enough real enemies without making them up?

Update, 12/16: If you want to see why Gore will not debate Monckton, take a look at this .pdf file, in which Monckton exposes a plethora of inaccuracies and falsehoods by Gore. Even if the science is beyond you, you get the feeling that Gore has cut some huge corners in order to sound persuasive, while Monckton continually adds the necessary detail and perspective to get the true sense and limits of the science out.


  1. Doreen Saz
    December 16, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • December 16, 2009 at 10:31 pm

      The heavens display the glory of God…

      I love these things, but his proportions were all wrong. Jupiter’s diameter is about 11x earth’s; the Sun’s is about 110x. http://www.kiroastro.com/writings/perspective. The sun would fit 1 million earths.

      And the distances are amazing too. If the Sun were 12″, earth would be 1/8″, and 106′ away.

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