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Iran on the verge -updated w/Krauthammer

The nation of Iran nears a boiling point. Street clashes are intensifying and turning increasingly violent. There has been a incendiary statement, purportedly from military leaders who are ready to turn on the evil Islamic regime. Whether legitimate or not, the statement will have effect. Adding to the tension, the opposition has called for a general strike today.

The people are no longer just calling for new elections; they are calling for the end of the tyrannical Islamic pseudo-republic. The terrorism of the regime has stepped up, with some ten dead this weekend alone, including the nephew of an opposition leader.

The freedom fighters have shown incredible courage in the face of official brutality that has included the widespread systematic torture, rape and murder of detainees in the notorious prisons. The patriots have been an inspiration to people everywhere who have been watching and encouraging from the sidelines.

In Iran there has been a daring new openness and reevaluation of many things long held sacrosanct. One significant group issued a public apology for the seizure of the American embassy and hostages thirty years ago, and some of the original hostage-takers were signatories.

Two-thirds of the Iranian population are under thirty-five years of age. Many of them have new ideas and have no stock in the 1979 Islamic revolution, which proved to be a total fraud, devastating the Iranian social fabric and making the nation a most evil player on the world scene.

What’s more, many people are not merely questioning the validity of the regime, they are questioning Islam itself. Voice of the Martyrs has reported that there is an astonishing wave of conversions to Christ taking place in Iran, so much so that the authorities are alarmed and have stepped up religious repression. Just a mention of the name of Jesus brings numerous inquiries into what Christianity is all about, often quickly followed by the reception of Christ as Lord. This is beyond exciting!

Please pray for the protection of the patriots and that their courage would hold out, and pray that the evil regime would be toppled with no more bloodshed. Pray that this highly-repressed land would once again be free, and would be open to the spread of the only Gospel that can bring true freedom. Jesus truly loves the people of Iran and wants to set them free.

The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. -Jn 10.10

Therefore if the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed. -Jn 8.36

Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and do not again be held with the yoke of bondage. -Gal 5:1

God bless the people of Iran.

11:34pm: Obama has finally spoken on Iran, and here’s video of Krauthammer demolishing his words. Obama comes off as, well, a community organizer. I’m positive he was great at that task, because he retains the aura. That is not something that is going to impress our enemies. He is utterly unconvincing in speaking of these matters of profoundest import, as behind it all one senses a lawyerly negotiator preferring to take it to a committee. But even a community organizer should like a good showdown. Where’s the street fighter here? Even the European leaders have easily outdone Obama on Iran. Six months late, and he’s still falling short of a target that has moved.


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