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Still think you won’t be paying for abortions?

From Newsrealblog comes this damning video of the Sec. of HHS Sebelius describing an accounting sleight of hand that will indeed cause every taxpayer to pay for abortion.

It’s bad enough for a nation to tolerate abortion. Elective abortion blatantly crosses the line of God’s sovereignty regarding human life, a line that cannot be crossed without bad consequences, and I will always vote to outlaw it. But it’s even worse for that nation to compel its citizens to actually pay for a procedure that gravely violates their conscience. Yet that is exactly where our leaders are taking us.

Such is the coercive nature of the humanism that is taking the reins of our nation, and it could only be succeeding in this by Orwellianly claiming for itself the mantle of tolerance and mercy. I have a friend who appropriated the old Biblical song of the daughters of Israel, and very perceptively coined the expression, “Repression has silenced its thousands, and tolerance its ten thousands”.

Behold, then, the mendacity of the woman who, along with the secretive bureaucrats of the FDA, will be controlling one-sixth of the economy should the healthcare bill pass.

We have our work cut out for us.


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