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A new practical ecumenicism

Is a new practical ecumenicism leading to real unity of the faith among various arms of the church? http://ow.ly/1cPvm #Christian

That was my first post here via HootSuite, and it worked flawlessly. But I had to edit the subject, so some early links may be broken.

As for the ecumenicism, I’m guardedly for it. The Lord has commanded us to be one, just as He and the Father are one. (Jn 17) Consider that in the Trinity, unity is perfected because the perfect bond of unity, Love, is perfect.

On this side of the Great Divide, we will not agree on everything, and we shouldn’t sweep such matters under the rug. But we can focus on what unites, and then pray that the complete truth will out – in God’s way and timing. If we are calling on the name of the Lord from a pure heart, I believe we can walk together. (2Ti 2.22)

We are waking up to a common foe among us, the latest permutation of the spirit of the age at work in the sons of disobedience, and we should work together as much as faith and conscience will allow. (Eph 2.2, 5.6; Col 3.6)

BTW, a few days snowbound and without power certainly adds to one’s perspective. Hard to believe there ever was life without Internet.

In related news, I’m learning some things I need to digest.



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