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Christianity’s radical growth

There’s an excellent article today by Ryan Mauro on the comparative growth rates of Christianity and Islam, and also on the quality of the faith of those who believe. If you live in the West you’re probably under the impression that Islam is growing by leaps and bounds. It is – in the West, because of immigration and high birth rates, but that is not the case in the rest of the world.

Indeed, in the second and third world nations Christianity is growing at unparalleled rates, though it’s underreported. That is one reason why so many Islamists are alarmed and are resorting to increasing levels of radicalism and violence to maintain their “market share”, as it were.

Too, the article points out, many of the Muslims who immigrate to the West become lax toward their religion. Muslims in America now fall behind Evangelicals in considering their sacred book literally true.

Now couple that with the fear and coercion that drives many Islamic cultures, in which no deviation from, nor even questioning of, Islam is tolerated, under penalty of death, and you begin to see that Islam’s numbers do not necessarily reflect heartfelt belief.

In contrast, Christianity has been growing like wildfire around the globe. Africa is now half Christian. China probably has 120 million Christians, despite decades of brutal persecution. I am convinced that the global church will teach us in the West the meaning of enduring adversity without compromise.

It’s all very encouraging. The Kingdom is growing, not only within us as the Lord cleans us up and raises us to greater levels of glory, but also in numbers of precious souls who are coming out of darkness and into His marvelous Light. Keep this in mind as you daily hear of the horrendous atrocities coming from these dark regions. The cost is great, and when one part of the Body of Christ suffers the entire Body suffers. But the rewards are far greater still.

Let’s continue praying for the faithful witness of our brothers throughout the world, for their comfort, and for the abating of the brutal persecution that they face, as much as is possible.

Love and blessings in Him.


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