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The fleecing of a nation

The LA Times ran an interesting article yesterday detailing Obama’s collapsing public support. In my life I cannot recall so dramatic a political rise and fall. That’s what happens when a man hides who he really is and runs on an ethereal “hope and change” platform, and when the electorate is dumb enough to believe him. It’s as if America collectively exclaimed with that breathless woman from Philadelphia, “Obama’s going to pay my mortgage!”

We are living through what is simply the greatest political misstep this nation has ever taken. Special credit goes to the media for obscuring and depreciating Obama’s past, and to the FEC for leaving his unregulated online contributions unscrutinized, opening the door wide to over-limit and foreign money.

I’ve been unhappily watching this nation spiral downward for a long time, and the problem is far deeper than just “the economy, stupid”. The economy, dramatic and important as it is, is a lagging indicator of our having lost our way. The seminal problem is the values and the culture.

I am sick and tired of the lies, the error and the coarseness we are bombarded with every day. I am sick and tired of the lie of the sexual revolution, which says that you can divorce sex from responsibility, and get away with it. I’m sick of divorce and heartbreak. I’m sick of watching kids being deeply harmed by broken homes and by unfit parents. And I’m sick of the godless humanism which, over it all, is strangling the spirit out of this nation.

There is little that ails us that would not clear up with a good dose of just plain growing up. Stop expecting government to solve your problems; it usually makes them worse. DO demand that government protect the nation and quit its politically-correct shadow-boxing.

Not only do we now have radical un-American elements running the highest levels of government, we are gifted with the bonus of the most incompetent administration in our history. I have never witnessed such a bunch of clueless jerks in power.

This November may be our last chance to turn this thing around. We can preserve the nation and continue the fight for restoration. If we miss that opportunity, it will be too late to rescue this nation from corrupt globalist humanism and its co-belligerent, radical Islam.

If you made a mistake in ’08, own up to it and set out to correct it now. This is no time for cheap sentiment, identity politics or party loyalty. Be an American first. It’s the right thing to do. This is a time for returning to the bedrock values that made us great.

What does all this have to do with following Christ? Plenty. Some think that God has no place in politics. But the Bible tells us that we are not to be overcome by evil. Cynicism must not rule us. We are to watch and pray and to occupy until the Master returns. We are to be faithful in “unrighteous riches”. We are to expose evil, rejoice in truth, and overcome evil with good.

There’s a lot on the line here. This is not about preserving an idolatrous standard of living so we can watch our favorite distractions on wide-screen TVs. Frankly, that level of prosperity is not good for us. The real issue is that the truth is being buried, families are being destroyed, and children are growing up without values or hope. It is time for the church to rise up and reclaim this land for God. We have enemies both within and without that must be defeated. The prosperity is the least of it.

And if you have personally strayed, this is the time to return to God. If you are serious, He will receive you.

May God bless this nation and raise up His called-out ones.


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