No American

Here is a video of our president selling America’s heritage to a Democrat identity group, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, for a few votes.

I realized a long time ago that this man was no American, but this tape stuns nonetheless. I hope it will wake a lot of people up.

First, you will hear Obama denigrate our history. Before we were a nation, or even an idea, he maintains, “Mexicans” were already here. In fact, Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821, some three decades after we won ours. Obama credits Mexico with nationhood before it was officially established, but affords the U.S. no such generosity.

Then you will hear Obama quote our Declaration of Independence, the document that has thrilled and inspired countless patriots of every nation over the centuries. But Obama the Articulate leaves out the most foundational part – that our human rights come from God, not man. If they came from man they could be taken away, but this distinction evidently means little to Obama.

But finally, and perhaps most tellingly, I want to you observe Obama’s eyes as he gives this segment of his speech. You will see multiple instances of pathologic smugness and arrogance.

There is something very unhealthy about this man, whom the media and the Left anointed and sold to us as the messiah that would unite us and heal us.

But Obama has done nothing to create consensus, and everything to force through his radical agenda against the strong wishes of the people. Far from unite us, he has led a hyper-partisan administration. Far from heal us, he and his politicized Justice Department have only fed racial division.

In an unintended way, perhaps Obama will unite and heal us after all. The amazing groundswell that is growing looks to be ushering in a new breed of politician that will undo not only the drastic slide this nation has taken since Obama was given its reins, but even the decades-long death grip that secular humanism has held on the nation.

Folks, elections matter. This November’s is only a midterm, but it is critically important. Because we have been given responsibility, we will be held accountable for how we vote. So much is at stake. Use discernment. Pray it through. Don’t vote for the ones who make big promises. Their promises are empty. Vote for the ones who will work to get the nation back to its historical moral and spiritual foundations. That’s the only true road to unity and healing.


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