Taking back America

This has already gone viral, and for good reason. Christie has done an amazing job facing down deeply entrenched special interests that are destroying our nation from within.

I am glad that some people have the specific calling to the governmental realm, and are faithful to it. We with just the general call to citizenship need to get behind and support such people as they do the courageous thing. If we do not get this nation back on its foundations soon, it will be too late.

Economics are important, and indeed are essentially a moral issue, but the battle is not just economic. The root problem is spiritual. If we begin to separate the precious from the vile – and there is no shortage of “vile” floating around our culture – then we will have the Lord’s blessing on our economics, our war efforts, and everything else that we do (Matthew 6.33).

The church is central to this. The church speaks the prophetic word of God to the conscience of the culture. That is by no means the only way we bear witness to Christ, but it is an important way and should not be neglected. We have some work to do in fulfilling this role. We need to once again learn to speak the truth in love.

I’ve heard it said that we should not involve ourselves in “secular” matters. The nations are going to burn anyway, so let them burn, the argument goes.

It is true that the specific calling of the Lord must come before anything else. But one way the Lord works in us is by conscience, and conscience demands that we do what we can to protect what is honorable, and the innocent. We are called to occupy until the Master comes. We are called to be faithful stewards even regarding unrighteous riches, and that would include our fallen culture. And so very much is on the line in this coming election.

Each of us has a role to play. For Governor Christie, that role is to bring fiscal discipline to a government steeped in corruption and political correctness. He is doing a superb job supplying his piece of the puzzle.

Here’s the video, and the link for the full speech is underneath. Christie has a great speaking style. He simply narrates ad-lib, with an air of comedic audacity. But his underlying thesis rests on solid rock.

HERE’S the link for the full speech. Very much worth watching.


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