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Representative Giffords shot dead -update: she’s alive and expected to pull through, praise God.

Word just came in that Congresswoman Giffords of Arizona has been shot dead, along with several others. I don’t know if there was political motivation behind this, or just a slightly purer form of mental illness, but this is a terrible event for this nation.

I recall way back when violence was introduced into the anti-abortion movement. Overnight the prolifers became marginalized, as fear gripped the public that the abortion controversy could destabilize the nation. Those fears were understandable and justified.

We gain nothing by our resistance to the corrupt dominant culture unless we hold the high moral ground. If we lose our witness to the character of Christ, we lose everything.

Those tempted to use violence to impose their will on the nation need to study very carefully the principles of Just War that have a long venerable history in Christian thought. They carefully apply Biblical principles and natural law to the difficult questions of human governance. In a nutshell, they endorse armed resistance, but only as a last resort and only when there is a probable means of succeeding.

If the person responsible for this atrocity proves to be of the political right wing, that will be all the excuse the governing elites need to come down hard on the legitimate TEA movement that is struggling to bring this nation back to its roots, where it belongs.

God can work good out of anything, but we shouldn’t be challenging Him with such grievous sin. This is a sad day for America.

My prayers for the families of the deceased, that they might find comfort and peace, and that good will indeed come out of this.


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