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A revolution of moral sanity

There is a moral revolution going on in this nation, and entrenched interests are doing their best to suppress it. Nancy Pelosi called the gathering TEA (“taxed enough already”) movement “astroturf”, meaning it was fake grassroots financed by dark conservative sources. But if you looked at the signs at the TEA protests, they were almost invariably personally designed and hand-made. Indeed, it was their opponents who were often bussed in, and who held mass-produced signs. The grassroots movement that Pelosi smeared went on to effect an historic wave election that took the Speaker’s gavel from her hands.

When Rep. Gabriel Giffords was tragically shot a month ago, the media was quick to blame aggressive rhetoric on the right for a hostile political culture, though there was not an shred of evidence that the shooter was politically motivated. There was a reprimand of the Right and a big call for a “new tone” in our civil discourse. But these last two weeks the media hasn’t been so quick to focus on the verbal and physical aggression of the union protests in Wisconsin. State senators have been spit on, their female aides have been roughed up, a female reporter was thrown to the ground by a thug, and depictions of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker as Hitler range wall-to-wall. But Big Media instead focused on affirmations of the protest, such as an endorsement by President Obama and the inevitable visit by Jesse Jackson, even while its interviews with those on the other side showed thinly-veiled hostility.

But the other side to the story will not be suppressed. America for decades has lost its way, culturally, spiritually, and now economically. That’s often how it works. We make decisions in the spirit that we think will not have practical consequences, but invariably down the line we pay the price of our choices.

When the greatest nation in history is brought to its knees by creditors, something is wrong. When it is subservient to cruel, two-bit tyrants who happen to be sitting on oil wells, it has made bad choices – all the more so when we have vast untapped sources of energy that our own radical interests will not allow us to exploit.

Giving public workers the right to unionize was warned against for decades, but the unions finally won. And since then the public employees unions have held the nation’s political system hostage. They feed the governing elite, the elite takes care of them at taxpayer expense. This is nowhere more true than with the teachers’ unions, whose pay and benefits are already far above that of the private sector people they serve. We spend enormous amounts of money on education, we have technology the world has never before seen, and yet our scholastic results are pathetic and getting worse. And still the establishment wants us to trust them and throw more money at the problem.

Fortunately, we cannot continue. As Scott Walker says, we are broke. The choice to continue in our irresponsible, profligate and ineffective ways has been taken from us. In our supreme self-indulgence, we have already saddled future generations with a lethal, immoral debt burden. The time has finally come to say NO.

I said fortunately, above, because perhaps our fiscal crisis will force us to finally get our runaway culture under control as well.

I am encouraged by the new breed of leader that is arising to meet the challenge before us. They are dynamic, articulate, fearless, and they are speaking the truth. Some are young, but they are acting more grown-up than the long-entrenched corrupt leaders that have gotten us into this mess.

And so I’m posting this video of Scott Walker, in case you haven’t heard the other side of the story. Hopefully it will give you something to think about. And if you already have seen the light, and know that America must mend her ways in so many areas, you are going to love this presentation.


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