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Regain your health

Eight years ago I undertook a quest to restore my health. I saw pictures of myself at my sister’s funeral, and they did not reflect anyone I wanted myself to be. Over the years I had steadily put on weight and lost energy. It was time to do something about it.

I tried every diet under the sun, and massive exercise. And I studied up on nutrition. I made plenty of mistakes, but I made progress. Eventually I settled in at moderate exercise and a quality weight loss of 43 pounds. I looked great and felt great.

But sadly, some years after my high point I slipped back, and now I am about 20 lbs more than I want to be. I have returned to the constant evening energy cravings that had been my downfall, and my energy levels, stamina and disease resistance are much lower than I need them to be.

This week I came across an outstanding presentation that provided me with the much-need reminder of what the basic problem is in my diet, and the diets of most people in the West. It is so powerful and so clear that I am on my third viewing of it already, and it immediately led me to make the necessary adjustments for regaining my health.

Contrary to what most people believe, those adjustments are not difficult. Essentially, they consist in returning to the diet that sustained life for all the centuries of human existence prior to the last, when huge commercial interests and attendant politics took over the food industry.

Specifically, the changes involve eliminating processed sugar, increasing fiber intake, and bringing undamaged fat intake back up to where it should be.

The compelling video I’m going to post below will give the details, but essentially, decades ago, when America went on its errant low-fat craze in order to facilitate cardiac health, it made up for the lack of satiety by increasing the processed sugars, fructose and sucrose. At the same time, fiber levels went way down, as processed food became an important part of our diet. Fiber is taken out of processed food because it interferes with processing and storage. And food processors fell in love with the cheaper and highly stable trans-fats that completed this evil trinity’s assault on our health.

This was an absolute disaster, as these processed sugars are metabolized completely differently than normal glucose, and cut off the satiety mechanism that tells the brain you’ve had enough to eat. At the same time they ironically jack up blood lipids. So in effect, we put ourselves on a high-consumption, high-fat diet. Not only have we done nothing for cardiac health, we have set off a nuclear explosion of obesity, diabetes, and other degenerative diseases, all of them with overtones of cancer.

Please, give this video a careful viewing. The authorities whose job it is to protect us have done a horrendous job. They are shot through with political and commercial interests, and public health is about the last thing on their minds. People at this point are so confused they don’t know what to eat. They live in constant apprehension of doing something nutritionally wrong, yet still they gain weight. Does this seem reasonable? Or the way, even in a fallen world, that God designed a normal life to be led? No, instead, the simple truth is that the deck has been stacked against us, and there is no way to win the game according to house rules.

It is down to this: if you want to be healthy, you must take it on yourself. You must educate yourself, and you must be willing to abandon the cultural norms that have been thrust upon us. Our culture has become toxic not only morally and spiritually, but physically as well. The corruption in our society is affecting every level of our existence. It is time to fight back, intelligently.


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