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Lies and liars in the public square

Back in 2008 I was visiting my sister in Pennsylvania. This was during the presidential election. My sister had been a Democrat for years, through marriage, but had more recently seen the wisdom of conservatism. I was glad for the change.

But by 2008 the pendulum had swung back. She had read both of Barrack Obama’s books, and had fallen head over heels for him politically. There was nothing I could say that would change her mind.

As we were preparing a meal one day, a cut of an Obama speech was on the TV. I observed to my sister that he was lying, that every word was a lie. She countered, “no he isn’t.” She knew better.

I can sympathize. I recalled when Obama was asked in one of the presidential debates that year about his voting against the Illinois Born-Alive Children Protection Act. This bill mandated that if an aborted child was born alive, a physician must be brought in and tasked with saving his life and health. Obama countered that he voted against the bill because it was redundant and unnecessary. There already was a law in Illinois that required a physician attend to the newborn’s needs, and this new bill was just political posturing by the prolifers.

I was taken aback. I am quite up to date on the abortion war in the US, yet was unaware of what Obama described. But he was so smooth, seemed so knowledgeable, and was so convincing that I was left speechless and neutralized.

This wore on me for a few days, until I finally decided to search out the truth. I did, and found that existing Illinois law stipulates that if an aborted child is still alive the abortionist himself must attend to his life and health.

Now, imagine that scenario. The person who had just been trying to kill the child suddenly is going to turn and save him? When a surviving but impaired child would certainly bring massive lawsuits, and quite possibly career-ending bad publicity? I don’t think so.

And there it was. Obama showed himself to be the smoothest, most effective liar I had ever witnessed. He would have gotten away with it, had I not done my own research.

That brings me to our current situation, regarding health care. For five years now, Obama has defended and promoting his healthcare scheme by promising that if you like your plan or doctor, you can keep your plan or doctor. “Period”. Anyone with half a brain should have known that the government taking over the healthcare sector was going to cause MASSIVE disruption and that an untold number of people were going to lose both plans and doctors. Certainly, any of the wonks informing Obama’s policy should have known, and Obama himself would have known as well. And yet Obama got up and lied to the American people again and again.

This wasn’t an unimportant lie. It wasn’t, as was used to defend Bill Clinton, merely about sex. The loss of plans and doctors was going to affect some people in life and death ways, literally.

Now caught in the lie, what do Obama and the Democrats do? They continue to lie. Observe this unbelievable cut from senator Diane Feinstein on Face the Nation yesterday, starting at 1:15:

What she says is that the president’s promise that you can keep your plan was valid until the bill was passed, but not after. Did you get that? The promise Obama used to sell his plan was only good until that plan was implemented! Schieffer should have called out Feinstein for her astonishing level of sheer inanity. We no longer can tell the simple difference between truth and lies. That is a very dangerous place to be.

The lies don’t end there. It may be “only” the 5% that purchase individual insurance now, but next year when the Obamacare mandates hit employer-sponsored plans, it’s going to be a whole lot more people dumped from the plans they are used to, that are tailored to their needs and ability to pay. The Dems are trying to deflect criticism based on the relatively small number of individual plans currently affected, but they’re heating the pot slowly until it’s too late for the frog to leap out. They planned this incremental approach just for that purpose, and the whole thing is designed to lead to a single payer system, as the private insurance industry is subsumed by this government takeover.

This is the problem with America. Lies like this are promoted every day by politicians – and I mean far and away mostly Dems – and the media doesn’t break out in humiliating scornful laughter as it should. Imagine the children growing up in this sea of delusional mendacity, with their schools also is a major contributory part of the problem. What chance do the kids have? What chance does the nation have unless we call these liars out and send them packing forthwith?

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