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Dismantling the nation

Two stories are in the news today that show what level of damage is being done to this nation on a continuing basis.

The first is about Obamacare. Fox news reports that experts from a wide political spectrum are predicting that next year when the employer mandate takes effect under the law, some 80 million Americans are going to be forced off their existing health care policies. 80 million!

Remember “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”, and “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”? Now it looks like we won’t even get to keep our hospital! And this comes with higher premiums and deductibles, when we were repeatedly promised an average $2500 reduction in premiums.

The most frustrating thing in all this is that anyone with an open mind could have and should have seen this coming long ago. Even the Fox article referenced above states that the government is on record knowing it three years ago. Obama simply was lying to us – repeatedly, smoothly and in cold blood, the way only a pathological narcissist could. Obama has to sell you “Cadillac” policies with benefits you don’t need and will not use, in order to fund the redistributional nature of Obamacare. Remember when he told “Joe the plumber” that he liked to “spread the wealth around”? Too few listened.

Now, you may think redistribution is a good thing. That we need to take money from those who have it to buy services for those who don’€™t. To that I would argue that government isn’t the one to play robin hood. Charity belongs in the private sector, where it can be applied effectively, with discretion, rather than as entrenched indiscriminate entitlements, which breed a welfare culture destructive to both the economy and the human spirit.

But even more basically, this was outright fraud on a colossal level. This makes the dishonesty of Watergate look like taking an extra cookie. If America tolerates this level of mendacity at its highest level, all is lost. No nation so morally obtuse can long stand. This is a big deal.


The other big deal this week is Obama-Kerry’s breakthrough agreement with the radical Islamists running Iran. We are going to relieve sanctions and free up frozen assets, and in return Iran will leave off development of the Bomb.

Except it won’t. Already a loophole has appeared that allows them to continue openly working piecemeal on the program as long as the parts are not assembled together. The stupidity here is breathtaking. It makes you wonder whether the damage being done to us is intentional.

This is being received in Iran as the tremendous victory it is. It’s nothing but a variant of “land for peace” – that is, we give them something tangible -€“ economic prosperity and the right to enrich uranium, €“ and they give us meaningless intangible promises.

Great job guys. It’s only a matter of time now before Iran goes nuclear. And now what does Israel do to protect herself from a weaponized religion sworn to her demise? No doubt Obama will lean on her to fall into line.

Next up, Mr. Obama is going to “help” the nation with its immigration problem. Hold on for dear life.

The nation is becoming undone at a rapid pace. The root of it is an ignorant electorate susceptible to manipulation by liberal elites running our institutions, including academia and the media, for no informed electorate would stand for what’s going on, or would have installed these clowns in office in the first place. We are talking the capturing of multiple generations by a godless dominant culture. And if you lose three generations, you lose the nation. We are perilously close.

Our national foundations are very eroded. We need to be aware, and fight it as best we can. May God bless those who are standing firm against this onslaught.

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