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Spirit of the age

You take on the nature of what you worship. And as time rapidly accelerates, a great divide appears between those who worship the Lord and those who hate Him. It’s getting worse, not better.

Here’s a recent scene from Argentina, traditionally a Catholic nation, in which pro-abortion protesters are trying to breach a line of praying men in order to storm a cathedral. The difference in the spirits driving the two sides couldn’t be more stark. It is not easy to stand still when someone is spitting on you. It reminded me of the Lord’s forbearance during His passion, when He easily could have called ten thousand angels to deliver Him. Be advised this might not be suitable viewing for young folk.

We need to keep in mind that this spirit is what animates the other side in much of our public discourse. It seems impossible to pull these people out of the flames, but then I know from what depths I came, and if the Lord can reach me He can reach anyone. May He give us insight and wisdom to be able to reach many.

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