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Caught in spiritual and moral rapids

Yesterday a horrible story came out of Pittsburgh. A nun in her seventies was brutally raped by a teen in her church parking lot, as a statue of the Virgin Mary silently looked on. You have to ask yourself what kind of person can do such a thing. Our prayers are for the healing of this woman and her community.

Let’s get some basic historical perspective on the problem. In 1963 the most innocuous prayer imaginable was banned from public schools. It was a simple 23 word non-sectarian prayer asking for blessings on school, families and the nation. The following year it it became illegal to read – and later to even carry – a Bible in public schools.

We’re to the third generation from those rulings. Have you noticed that it’s rapidly getting worse and worse? We have condom dispensers hanging on school walls in NYC. Can you imagine what it must be like to grow up in this atmosphere, where the authorities have capitulated and now appease – even encourage – the immorality that dominates every other aspect of the culture? Christianity has been outlawed and expelled, and humanism enthroned. Even a cross, privately funded, is being stripped from a WWII veterans’ memorial outside San Diego which happens to be on government land. 

As a nation we have lost our spiritual and moral compass. Or rather, it has been stolen from us. We are to the point where evil is about to break away unrestrained.

At the same time, obama has been building the “civilian force, just as powerful as the US military” that he promised in the 2008 election. Local police are being militarized, using equipment that meshes seamlessly with the armed forces. They’re also becoming more thuggish, as new stories attest to every day.

Draw these two lines in your mind as on a graph. Public virtue descending, the power of the state ascending. You’ll see they are rapidly converging and soon are going to intersect. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Do Americans still understand how blessed we have been with a constitutional republic of limited government? That’s the same blessed system that obama is aggressively working to “fundamentally transform” – another 2008 campaign promise of his. Each day brings a new assault on our underpinnings by him and his fellow humanist statists. If we somehow don’t reach the young generation and teach them how it’s supposed to work, and especially the fear of God that brings wisdom, the nation soon will be lost.

Remember that the next time your dear leader comes on the tube and looks so sincere, so intelligent, so personable and so helpful, and gives you his solemn word: If you like your freedoms, you can keep your freedoms. And if you like your nation, you can keep your nation.

I have a modest proposal. Let’s take the condom dispensers off the school walls and put the Ten Commandments back on. You know, the ones that include, “Thou shall not kill”, “Thou shall not commit adultery”, “Thou shall not steal” and others. But accountability to God would violate the humanist narrative, and we can’t have that!

But there is one principle that will not be violated, no matter how popular or powerful the forces arrayed against it – the law of sowing and reaping. If we keep piling garbage into our culture and our youth, we should only expect garbage out.

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