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God’s faithfulness in genocide; Genocide on slow-burn; Obama celebrates abortion; Seeking peace; Facebook Apps Allowing Access to Numbers, Addresses; “Parent One”, “Parent Two”; Representative Giffords shot dead -update: she’s alive and expected to pull through, praise God.;


An answer to invasive searches; Another chance for America, another chance for the church


Taking back America; Out of the comfort zone, and on to victory; The seduction of a nation; Free Internet Parental Controls;


No American
The fleecing of a nation


Christianity’s radical growth


Jesus Insists On Full Salvation
; 4th of July Message, by Rick Joyner


God’s motivation was love (video added)
; A concentrated daily prayer blast for the nation


The Cost of Freedom; Facebook’s sordid history shows the dangers of indiscriminate social networking; Raquel Welch speaks out on sexual morality; I’m leaving Facebook due to its horrendous privacy policies;


There is great gain in contentment!; “Go make the tomb secure” -by William Duncan; Conditions are right! -by Jeremy Caris; OT: A good place for free online storage space; Smith Wigglesworth ministered from a broken heart; Straighten up, and be healed; God’s perspective on mistakes, failures and missed opportunities; To realize your destiny, get rid of negative influences and wrong thinking;


A Prophetic Passover Message of Love from Messiah -Catherine Brown; On the Cross, and in complete control; Challenges and victories: Growing in grace and knowledge; One great leap for socialism; Evolution thrown for a loop; U.S. on the verge; Meekness is not weakness; Open Doors, on Wednesday’s slaughter in Nigeria; Where church and society are heading; The amazing Watchman Nee, via ; Witnessing to the culture ; It’s open season on Christians ; The still waters of grace ; Divine opponent, Divine friend ; Overwhelmed by God’s grace ; A new practical ecumenicism


Thoughts on love ; Amazing Watchman Nee anecdote


Authority ; ‘The Word’ Bible program: screenshots (up. 1/30) ; What does it mean to live for Jesus? ; Where There Is No Doctor ; Keeping conscience in the outer court ; Panic on Beacon Hill ; Brit Hume’s Christianity comment -updated; Two good laughs; Brokenness; The high call; Notes on the war; Reflections on the change of year;


Walid Shoebat ; Still think you won’t be paying for abortions? ; Iran on the verge -updated w/Krauthammer ; This day we fight! ; America used to be a beacon ; Terrorism, heroes and cowards ; Made like us, so we could be like Him ; Christmas
Whom not to trust ; Learning to trust ; Senator Nelson’s price -updated ; Questions for Every Muslim ; Overcoming Faith ; Read this book! ; Two for the earth (and your pocketbook) ; The coming new world order ; Forgiveness v. reconcilliation II ; The religious American (updated 12/11); Jeremiah’s complaint; Batteries and misplaced religion; Lt. Col. Allen West; Waiting patiently; Choosing to believe the promises; A reverence for God
Startling evidence of how far we have fallen


Islam’s true nature: making sense of the Koran; Questions regarding the Ft. Hood massacre; A handy online Bible utility; The enemy within; Berlin Wall +20; For this reason you could not defeat your enemies; Another Muslim atrocity; Abortion in the healthcare bill, documented


A solemn, dire warning, from Naval Commander Jerry Wilson; Amazing rendition of the National Anthem; Time to start a ‘One Nation Under God’ movement; Even MORE free software modules; review: Destined for the throne, by Paul Billheimer; More on Bible software; “The Word” Bible software; Updated: Hebrews 6: restoration of a fallen Christian


America’s descent into Marxism; Should Joe Wilson have apologized?; Numbering the people; Fear and hatred, meet love; My neighbor’s dog; The Gospel, reloaded. pt 2; The Gospel, reloaded. pt. 1; Counting Trials As All Joy; Finding significance in God; Religion, Politics, Healthcare and Obama;


God’s hidden Kingdom; No mere angel; Bob the homeless guy; Exaggerated Muslim honor; review: Dating Jesus, by Susan Campbell


Consecration; Faith and character; An Act of Worship; Forgiveness vs reconciliation; Catching the updraft of grace


Abide Until The Power Falls; Setting the Captives Free; Persecution Rages in China, Elsewhere; Chosen and Foreknown; Prayer that is worthy; Motivational Purity; The Bottom Line: God’s love; The Church needs an “MRI”!; The Question That Changed My Life, by David Ryser; Prayer That Overcomes; The Cost Of Discipleship; The Master Strategist; Political Correctness; The Presence of the Lord; Death and Life; Morality Trumped by Love; Why Shooting Abortionists Is A Bad Idea;


Hebrews 6: Restoration for fallen Christians

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