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The ultimate source for modules for theWord Bible program (everything free)

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I have quite a bit of traffic here from people looking for modules for theWord. TheWord is an excellent free Bible program that I strongly recommend. It has a learning curve, but stick with it and you will be rewarded, and the program can be used at a simple level right away. It’s under active development and there is a nice user support forum where the author is active.

So by all means you can do a search here for theword as a tag, or Bible Software as a category, to find several sources of free modules. But if you want to go directly to the largest repository there is, see David Cox’s site, I haven’t counted, but there has to be  over a thousand free ebooks there, enough reading to drive you batty if you let it. Seriously, this is a great resource.



“The Word” Bible software

October 17, 2009 11 comments

I’d like to make everyone aware of new free Bible software. The Word is totally free, uses few computer resources, so that even older computers should be able to run it, and is a delight in terms of functionality, design and aesthetics.

I’ve been searching for such a program for a long time. I have Logos, which while being very powerful and offering many resources, is not user-friendly, uses a lot of computer resources, and is expensive. For in-depth study, I will still use it.

TW is young, and at this point its resource base is small. But this program is so well thought out, and so visually appealing, that it can’t help but grow in popularity and available resources. And its author actively engages with the user base on a continuing basis. For normal reading and study I am switching over to it.

There are other free Bible programs available. They are good, and some have a fairly sizable resource base. But none of them in my experience approaches the excellence of The Word. Maybe when I’ve used this program for a while I’ll do a review of it here.

I have no connection to The Word or its author. I’m just trying to pass on something that I think can help a lot of people in their study of God’s word.

There’s a portable flash drive edition available as well, also free.

Hint: click on this blog’s ‘bible software” tag in the sidebar for all articles relating to this program and its modules.

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