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Meekness is not weakness

March 13, 2010 Leave a comment

From Campus Direct comes a story that is so right on many counts.

Authorities in Indonesia have been harassing Christians for the last several decades that radical Islam has been in ascendency. In some provinces this has been in the form of blood persecution, but by and large it has come in more “subtle” ways, like the burning down of churches, or simply the tying up of church permits in unending red tape.

Considering that over 85% of Indonesia is Muslim, it takes guts to be a Christian there, and even more to stand up for one’s rights. But that is just what some Christians there are doing. When authorities tried to shutter a church whose approval they have stonewalled for six years, the Christians rose up and chased them off. One of them was a courageous lawyer who knew his rights and was not afraid to exercise them. As a result, the church building ended up being guarded by police and military until the issues are resolved. And meanwhile, church services continue apace.

There can be a fine line sometimes between standing up for what’s right and using the flesh to fight spiritual battles, but there is a line. The church in the West has erred too much toward passivity. Like the frog in the kettle, we’ve found it easier to relax and go with the toxic flow of the culture instead of raising a fuss. Did we think popularity would be sweet?

That’s not what Jesus did. His life was one of continually confronting the status quo that suppressed knowledge of God. He never ran from it, and He never compromised truth in order to keep the peace or be popular. And when the occasion was right, He didn’t shrink back from engaging in a verbal brawl (the “seven woes” on the Pharisees in Mt 23) or even using actual physical force (the cleansing of the temple).

It’s a paradox that the same Jesus who stood up to the Pharisees and money-changers then went to the Cross willingly. But Jesus knew the Father intimately and heard His directions perfectly, and was right in every case. Some have said, “well, that was Jesus. He could do that, but we have no right to”. It’s time to call hogwash. Jesus is our perfect model and did nothing that He did not want us to emulate.

Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father. – Jn 14:12

We’ve been told to speak the truth in love and to expose the works of darkness (Eph 5), but too often we’ve taken the easy way out, bringing spiritual weakness upon ourselves. We need to remove self-made theological restraints and get to a place where we also can discern the Father’s will in every situation. We need to embrace a renewed theology of wholeness and Christlikeness, whereby not all assertiveness and use of force is bad.

With all the horrendous abuse of Christians taking place in the world (like 500 mostly women, children and infants hacked to death in Nigeria Wednesday, by men seeking to glorify their own god), bravo to our brothers for fighting back in the antagonistic land of Indonesia. Keep it clean, bring honor to God, but don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right.

I had a pastor once who used to say, “meekness is not weakness”. He was right, and his words are timely.

Addendum: Christians in Nigeria are also rising up, mounting a principled protest against the horrific slaughter, exposing evil – just as we have been told to do:

Nigerian Women Carry Bibles, Protest Massacre

Thousands of Nigerian women dressed in black and carrying Bibles, wooden crosses, pictures of victims, and branches symbolizing peace marched in a central Nigerian state on Thursday to protest the massacre of about 500 villagers, who were mostly women and children.

The women, some with babies strapped on their back, walked from the headquarters of the Evangelical Church of West Africa in the city of Jos to the Plateau State House of Assembly calling for greater investigation into the mass murder of hundreds of people in two predominantly Christian villages near Jos…



Walid Shoebat

December 30, 2009 2 comments

If you can find about an hour’s time, I encourage you to check out this prophecy conference held almost a year ago. This is a seven-part series with Walid Shoebat, who had an American mother and a Jordanian father, was raised a Muslim and eventually became a PLO terrorist. Then he found Christ.

Walid knows his Bible, and approaches end times prophecy from a different point of view than most Westerners. He’s very down-to-earth and speaks with refreshing frankness. There are some real gems of understanding in this presentation. The church really needs to wake up to this stuff, quickly.

The series is labeled A1 of 7, A2 of 7, etc. and is easy to follow.

Read this book!

December 15, 2009 Leave a comment

I wish everyone in the West would read Brigitte Gabriel’s Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America. It is not a pleasant read; at points I was nauseated at the clear depiction of evil. But it is a compelling and necessary read.

The book forms two sections. First, Gabriel recounts the fall of her native land to Islamic conquest, then she discovers that the same terrorism she experienced as a child has now followed her to her adopted land, and she tells us how to recognize and counter its stealth maneuverings.

Gabriel grew up in Lebanon, just as it suffered an Islamic takeover. Lebanon was a cosmopolitan paradise, with a stable government apportioned among three main population groups. But tensions mounted as Muslim political power grew due to their high birth rate. Then the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran radicalized the world’s Muslim population. Finally, the welcoming of Arafat’s lawless PLO into Lebanon was like a match struck to tinder, setting off a civil war.

Gabriel recalls how Muslims began a reign of terror. Road blocks would set up, and those with “Christian” marked on their ID card would be machine-gunned. Christians finding loved ones’ bodies in alleys, beheaded or with their throats slit, became a daily occurrence. Mere killing was seldom enough; brutality was celebrated. There was one instance where a Christian mother was physically forced by her own hand to slit her son’s throat, and then to watch as her two daughters were raped. Thus thousands were slaughtered as Muslims claimed the land for their god, and many more thousands fled the nation. Yet the West was oblivious toward the hideous modern-day genocide.

Though a Maronite Christian, Gabriel still was an Arab raised in Arab culture, and as such she was taught to hate Jews. But her understanding of life and culture suddenly turned around when of necessity she accompanied her injured mother to an Israeli hospital. There she was astonished to find that Jews, far from being apes and pigs as she was taught, were an advanced, open-hearted people who gave precious medical care even to enemies that were implacably trying to destroy them. As she contrasted this magnanimity to the irrational hatred of the very Palestinians that the Jews were treating, she clearly saw the nature of the veil of evil for the first time in her life, and she realized that she had been raised in a culture of lies.

Read more…

Startling evidence of how far we have fallen

December 4, 2009 1 comment

If you want to get a taste for how far we’ve fallen, for how deeply our culture has embraced a suicidal level of political correctness that prevents us from defending ourselves from evil, give a read.

The Army has learned nothing at all from the Ft. Hood massacre, and indeed seems to have stepped up efforts to insure that no Muslim will be offended by our response to that atrocity – even to the point of inviting representatives of terrorist organizations in to lecture our troops and to care for them as chaplains.

Can you see that the West is doomed unless it returns to the Lord? All our freedoms, all our accomplishments, were not due to our brilliance or natural resources, they came because we ordered ourselves according to the revealed truth of God’s Word. We are seeing dramatic and horrible proof of that assertion, as we now witness our downfall even in the midst of the greatest prosperity the world has ever seen, because we have functionally abandoned our God, the one true God, the only God.

I’m torn with how best to fight this battle. I know it needs to be fought spiritually, through prayer and the Word. I know the Kingdom and the church need to be built up. But at the same time I believe that getting the warning out regarding political developments can be used of the Lord to wake people up to our dire condition.

Between the globalist humanists on one hand and the radical Muslims on the other, we are living in critical times.


Islam’s true nature: making sense of the Koran

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Give this article a quick read: It very neatly puts the nature Islam in perspective.

Understanding Islam is very simple when you put the Koran in chronological order. The Koran, which was written by one man, and which blatantly contradicts itself, theologically mirrors Muhammad’s changing circumstances. When he was in the minority, his revelations were peaceful, winsome. After the flight to Medina, however, they began to turn aggressive and finally violent. It was at this time that Muhammad and his followers began raiding caravans – killing, raping and plundering. Later would come full-fledged blood persecution of the “infidels”.

Several years ago, when America chose a president who promised to fix the economy, but who was of low morals and ethics and who supported unrestricted legal abortion, Ralph Martin admonished the U.S. with the Bible proverb, “Do not accept a bribe for the perversion of justice”. Violating that principle will bring a curse whether the violator is an individual or a nation. And that is exactly what we have done to ourselves. Looking around at our society and culture, is it not obvious? Read more…

Fear and hatred, meet love

September 13, 2009 2 comments

Persecution is raging against Christians, but the Gospel and its Kingdom is spreading nonetheless.

Yesterday came yet another case of Islamic blasphemy laws, again in Pakistan, being used against Christians: Punjab, Muslim extremists burn church over alleged blasphemy case.

According to these Sharia laws, anyone desecrating the Koran is subject to the death penalty. Consider the warped value system that holds the pages of a book – not even the book’s thought content, but the mere physical paper it’s printed on – to be more valuable than human life.

It doesn’t even end there. Just the overhanging threat of invoking the blasphemy laws is used to coerce and cow Christians (and to a lesser extent Muslims – we don’t want to be discriminatory) and deprive them of freedom and prosperity.

In this case, as in many others, phony desecration charges were used for ulterior motives. A Christian boy and a Muslim girl had fallen in love, and that is not acceptable to many Muslims. So rumors were spread, a mob was whipped up by the local Imams, a church was burned and homes ransacked, and authorities try to cover it over. Read more…

Exaggerated Muslim honor

August 12, 2009 11 comments

This vid comes courtesy of the Atlas Shrugs blog. The video is dramatic, but if there are any questions about the girl being perhaps overemotional, there is no question about the statistical reality of the danger she is in. Ex-Muslims are being killed for the sake of honor even in the US. And at this point, if her father isn’t out to get her, others are.


Over in Pakistan a week ago, on mere rumors that Christians had torn pages of a Koran as part of a wedding ritual (hardly likely, knowing it would be suicide in that culture), thousands of Muslims went on a rampage. They shot, they looted, they burned, they burned to death. When it was done 14 Christians had been murdered, eight of them mercilessly burned to death, as the police stood by, claiming to be helpless against the numbers.

So, according to the Muslim mentality, it’s ok to kill for a book. You tear a page of my precious Koran, and I kill you. Allah’s honor is assuaged and I get to sleep with a good conscience.

Few Muslims will admit the gross moral inequity in that. A human life, created in the image of God, for a page of a book? What’s going on here? Why are Muslim so easily and disproportionately offended? Read more…