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The Bottom Line: God’s love

June 16, 2009 Leave a comment

I started using Twitter a week ago. They ask you to make a short statement that sums up what you’re about. I wrote:

God became a man. The only sane response is to follow Him. Read Jn 3.16:

Pretty good, but it was from the head rather than the heart. My new statement:

God became a man and gave His life for us. How can you resist love like that? Read Jn 3.16:

The past few days I’ve been reliving the Keith Green experience of so many years ago. Watch him sing Your Love Broke Through, and you will see his love for Jesus. Or watch a one-hour video of his life story and see his amazing dedication. He was immature in some ways, but he was growing. He gave up a lucrative record deal and instead gave away his albums. He opened his doors to the hurting and the seeking. He and his wife were pioneers against abortion. Read more…