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An Act of Worship

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Mary, by Sholem Asch

I’m posting here my Amazon review of Sholem Asch’s book, Mary. If I can introduce anyone to the outstanding Christian works of Asch, I will have done a good thing. -p.

When I was done reading this book, my soul sat in a collapsed heap, drained but cleansed, awaiting the Spirit’s rejuvenating touch.

I was first introduced to the works of Sholem Asch some 25 years ago by an old and dear Jewish friend in NYC. Though he wasn’t sympathetic to Christianity, he just loved Asch’s vivid writing. He gave me a copy of Asch’s phenomenal The Apostle. I had to wait a bit though, for him to find a copy that he hadn’t annotated during his many readings of the work. Such was his devotion to Asch’s writings.

Through the wonders of online browsing, I recently came across Mary, the earliest part of Asch’s trilogy about Christ. Thinking I could use some easy background reading to break up my more serious pursuits, I started skipping around early parts of the book. But the descriptions of Yeshua growing in stature and favor began first to interest me, then to arrest me.

It turns out that Jesus wasn’t air-dropped over Israel as the full-blown Messiah. Just as it is with us, his destiny didn’t come automatically. He had to study the scriptures and interact with people in a developmental way, over what we call his hidden years. Read more…