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Where There Is No Doctor

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Where There Is No Doctor, a classic self-help book that missionaries have long used in the field, has, through the generosity of its principals, been made available for free download. This move seems to have been spurred by the uprising in Iran, but this book could be a lifesaver for anyone in our uncertain times.

It’s wise to publish a disclaimer with this, so here it goes:

Seek Medical Attention!

The information provided herein does not preclude and is not a replacement for professional healthcare or medical treatment.

Injuries and infections can be life threatening!

If injury or bleeding is severe, if the injured person remains unconscious, or if wounds appear infected, medical assistance should be sought immediately!

Specific diagnoses and therapies can only be provided by a physician or other professional healthcare provider.



For this reason you could not defeat your enemies

November 8, 2009 1 comment

The House of Representatives debate on the healthcare bill made for some great theater last night. There were high points (see Mike Pence’s moving speech) and low points, and in general it was fascinating to watch this great engine of state in operation.

We certainly live in a divided nation, and it doesn’t look to be getting any better. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who actually had promised us that the more Democrats we elected, the more bi-partisan Congress would be, gave her entire speech facing only the Democrats. Evidently she’s Speaker for only one part of the House. And Obama himself has proven to be, not the post-partisan national healer he promised, but if anything, partisan to the highest degree. But then, anyone who had researched beyond what the media handed us (see, eg, The Case Against Barack Obama) expected exactly that.

But for me the most telling point of our divisions came during the consideration of the Stupak Amendment, whose goal was to ensure that no tax money went toward funding abortion. Democrat Stupak and his friends are in the difficult position of being prolife in a decidedly pro-choice party. And to his credit, despite pressure from Pelosi to toe the line, Stupak has said that if his prolife position costs him his seat, so be it.

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Setting the Captives Free

June 24, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been participating in the “twittering” going on about the protests in Iran. I’ve watched the video of the innocent and defenseless girl in the street, intentionally shot by religious thugs and dying as her friends hopelessly tried to save her. A beautiful young life cut off by the Islamic Revolution’s coercive lust for power.

Acid is dropped by government helicopters onto peaceful crowds. Women are beaten with truncheons for standing on sidewalks. Police use knives, razors, and axes against demonstrators.

That was just the first day. Since then it’s gotten worse, with more murders, imprisonment without medical treatment, and destruction of property by the police.

And exquisitely, all this is perpetrated in the name of… God?

Let’s see how we got here.

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