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The Church needs an “MRI”!

June 13, 2009 2 comments

One of my greatest passions is the church. Anyone who has been saved by Jesus should care deeply about the house of God, which is God’s family and the Bride of the Lamb, right?

So how are we doing? From my American charismatic perspective, not terribly well.

Let’s take the one mark that should stand out above all others: love. Is love simply awash in our corporate gatherings? Maybe your experience is different than mine – I hope it is – but I see a lot of people out of church, and I see a lot of hurt people alienated from church.

I just devoured a small book by the late Derek Prince, entitled Protection From Deception. In it, this great elder of the church made the following bombastic statement:

From my experience I would say there is no greater problem in the church today than personal ambition in the ministry.

Wow! I haven’t come across that degree of honesty on this subject anywhere else, ever.

I envision the problem as a board game, “Careers in Christ”. It’s what burned me royale so many years ago, and I still haven’t forgotten. It’s what happens when church leaders put their own aggrandizement above the health of the Body and start abusing the sheep in order to protect their own interests. Read more…