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The ultimate source for modules for theWord Bible program (everything free)

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

I have quite a bit of traffic here from people looking for modules for theWord. TheWord is an excellent free Bible program that I strongly recommend. It has a learning curve, but stick with it and you will be rewarded, and the program can be used at a simple level right away. It’s under active development and there is a nice user support forum where the author is active.

So by all means you can do a search here for theword as a tag, or Bible Software as a category, to find several sources of free modules. But if you want to go directly to the largest repository there is, see David Cox’s site, I haven’t counted, but there has to be  over a thousand free ebooks there, enough reading to drive you batty if you let it. Seriously, this is a great resource.



‘The Word’ Bible program: screenshots (up. 1/30)

January 25, 2010 5 comments

I’m uploading a couple of screenshots of The Word and will post them to twitter, so people can get a feel for how powerful this free Bible software is. This is a very exceptional gift that Costas has given the Body. And if you can help support the outreach by purchasing some paid modules through him, that’s great. But even if not, this is a great way to read and study the Word.

First, a general shot of my latest layout. Click on the pic for full size.

Main interface

That’s a Search window in the upper left, then a Bible window in the upper middle. The upper right is taken by a Strong’s dictionary and Tense-Voice-Mood of the Greek verbs.

The bottom row has another two Bible windows, and then the excellent Guzik commentary.

There’s a floating Bible window barely showing up from the bottom, which I pull into focus when I want to read something without disturbing the other Bible windows.

The Word - popup

And now a shot of a popup. Merely hovering over any word calls up a keyed popup. In this case, the word referenced is “flesh” at the top left corner of the popup (in 2Cor 10.3). This feature makes looking through the English text, into the original language, so easy that a mouse click isn’t even needed.

Read away....

Lastly, here’s a shot of a floating Bible window. I keep this one big and I drag it into place from being mostly off-screen when I want to do unimpeded reading with full Bible context.

For more on The Word, including where to get it and free modules for it, click on the Bible Software tag below or in the right column.

Many “official” screenshots here.


Even MORE free software modules

October 21, 2009 2 comments

It was bound to happen. A free Bible program as good as The Word is going to draw a lot of dedicated talent willing to transcribe resources to go into it. And quality content creators are going to give permission for their work to be transcribed.

I just came across another cache of modules for The Word, and it’s a dandy. It’s well-organized by genre, the titles are high quality, including many highly-desired classic resources, and everything is free, and to my knowledge, cleared in terms of copyright.

The site is here. I’m downloading now as I type, amazed at such an amount of quality Bible resources, and it’s all free. A big thanks to everyone who has been involved in this effort, and may the Lord bless it to spread Saving Knowledge of Him throughout the world.

Also, I received confirmation directly from David Guzik just now that his commentary has been released for free use in The Word.

Dear Paul:

Thanks for your email and your inquiry.

Yes, it is OK with me that my commentary is used as a module for e-
Sword and other related programs. I'm happy for it to have as wide a
distribution as possible.

Thanks for asking.


David Guzik

It’s at the site I listed in a recent article here. Try out this gifted expositor’s commentary for fresh, really good insight into the Word.

The addition of these standard reference works and study tools elevates the The Word package into the ranks of the best commercial Bible software packages, in my opinion. And it’s all FREE! There also are some commercial modules available, and more will be coming, undoubtedly. That’s a good thing, as the worker is worthy of his wage, and some resources can only be produced if there is remuneration. Still, there now is no excuse for everyone to have quality access to modern Bible study tools.

Hint: click on this blog’s ‘bible software” tag in the sidebar for all articles relating to this program and its modules.

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More on Bible software

October 19, 2009 Leave a comment

First –  Yes, this is still the same Following Christ blog. I thought it was time for a theme change. When things aren’t changing I begin to get confused!

I’ve been spending time getting acquainted with and adding modules to The Word, which I introduced in an article below, and from helpful people at The Word’s forums I have come across a couple of helpful links I’d like to pass along.

For reviews and ratings of many Windows Bible programs, see Jerry Foster’s page. These reviews are done from the point of view of most readers will find most helpful – intelligent but not top-level scholarly. He covers an awful lot of ground, is very perceptive, and his evaluations are spot-on, as far as my own experience with Bible software goes. Read more…

“The Word” Bible software

October 17, 2009 11 comments

I’d like to make everyone aware of new free Bible software. The Word is totally free, uses few computer resources, so that even older computers should be able to run it, and is a delight in terms of functionality, design and aesthetics.

I’ve been searching for such a program for a long time. I have Logos, which while being very powerful and offering many resources, is not user-friendly, uses a lot of computer resources, and is expensive. For in-depth study, I will still use it.

TW is young, and at this point its resource base is small. But this program is so well thought out, and so visually appealing, that it can’t help but grow in popularity and available resources. And its author actively engages with the user base on a continuing basis. For normal reading and study I am switching over to it.

There are other free Bible programs available. They are good, and some have a fairly sizable resource base. But none of them in my experience approaches the excellence of The Word. Maybe when I’ve used this program for a while I’ll do a review of it here.

I have no connection to The Word or its author. I’m just trying to pass on something that I think can help a lot of people in their study of God’s word.

There’s a portable flash drive edition available as well, also free.

Hint: click on this blog’s ‘bible software” tag in the sidebar for all articles relating to this program and its modules.

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