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Trump in Singapore

June 10, 2018 Leave a comment

“Trump in Singapore” is going to give “Nixon in China” a run for the metaphoric money from now on. Billed as a no-nothing white nationalist, it is Trump who is making giant strides to end a war that has eluded resolution since 1953. The irony of the Nixon in China metaphor is that Nixon, being strong on defense, was the last one anyone foresaw as reaching out and opening up China. The same holds true with Trump among the masses, because the dominant left-wing media has non-stop painted him as a reckless yahoo, rather than the lover of peace and prosperity he actually is. They never did get the peace-through-strength thing.

If this adventure does bear fruit, it is going to be a massive wake-up for the legions of citizens that have been constantly misled by our benighted media, which for years sacrificed any shred of journalistic integrity in order to push its leftist agenda. Similarly, woe to the Democrat Party, which will be openly revealed as the nation-destroying mess it is, incapable of any real creative governance.


An election-day appeal to those, especially Christians, thinking of not voting.

November 8, 2016 Leave a comment

Charles Spurgeon once said “Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil. So choose not to vote.” A lot of people have been disappointed, or even disgusted by the presidential race, and have tuned out entirely and plan not to vote.

But is that a viable choice? Look around. The nation is on life support. Our institutions are crumbling before our eyes on a daily basis. The lives of people and families, and their finances, are in horrible shape. Our borders are non-existent under the ruling globalist elite, and crime, terrorism, and racial strife is steadily becoming the new norm.

I don’t consider getting control of these things, as Donald Trump has consistently promised to do, to be evil, I consider it to be good. Trump has surrounded himself with high-quality advisers, including the best of the military, congress and the church. For months now he has laid out highly-specific policy details, and he has committed himself to a list of Supreme Court nominees that experts have lauded.

As a Christian, I am not voting for a pastor, I am not choosing a spouse. I am voting for a person I think will be able to lead this nation back from the threshold of the abyss it has all but crossed. Our house is on fire. We need someone who can put it out. We can discuss doctrine afterward. Hillary Clinton, though, would use the burning house to roast hog dogs, and sell them at a profit to onlookers.
How many Christians would have chosen the ones Jesus picked to be His leaders? Why didn’t He go to the religious conservatives to find the future leaders of His church? Like it or not, the ones He chose were more like Trump than those we tend to esteem. Even the Apostle John, who is now known as the great messenger of love, was so reactionary that he wanted to call down fire from heaven to consume those who disagreed with them. On the night before Jesus was crucified, the disciples argued over who was the greatest. Sounds like the way Trump used to live to me.

There also are other biblical parallels that have been cited, where an unbeliever has served God’s people, such as kings Cyrus and Nebuchadnezzar.

In the gospels, there is a parable of a nobleman who goes off to a distant land to secure his kingdom. Many in the land oppose his rule, so as he leaves the protagonist tells his followers to “occupy” (KJV) until he returns. The original word there is pragmatuei, from whose root we get the word “pragmatism”. Pragmatism is not a dirty word. Correctly used, it is a Jesus word. Jesus was saying that the way forward was going to be rough. There was stiff opposition and His followers should not expect easy gains. Hard decisions would have to be made in an imperfect world. They should be down to earth, and there was no place for either triumphalism or naivete.

Of course, we should never violate first principles. But I don’t see how voting for an imperfect man who may well be our only chance to change the direction of the nation is violating any principles. Quite the opposite, really.

I believe Donald Trump is what we need to change the direction of the nation – and the world. This is not a panacea. The church will still have tons of work to do – work that only it can do. But our house is on fire and we need to put it out. Today, November 8th, we have that chance. It may well be our last.


Jon Voight’s inspirational election message

October 14, 2016 Leave a comment

IMO, this is Jon Voight’s greatest moment. A study in courage and truth. May God bless.

“Legitimate rape” – video added

August 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Last week GOP senatorial candidate for Missouri Todd Akin found himself at the center of a media firestorm due to a very inappropriate choice of words he made. He had been questioned about his prolife position on abortion policy, with particular emphasis placed on the hard cases, such as rape.

Akin replied that in cases of “legitimate rape” he thought the woman has a natural defense system that prevents her from becoming impregnated. This reply was so bad it actually made vice president Joe Biden look articulate in comparison.

Not surprisingly the Democrat Party has jumped all over this, using it to characterize not only Akin, but the entire Republican Party, as conducting a “war on women” via its “extreme” prolife position.

The reaction of the Republican establishment was immediate and categorical. Akin’s statement does not represent the beliefs of the Republican Party and he must resign his race immediately.

The ironic thing here is that the Dems themselves reportedly pumped $1 Million dollars into the Republican primary race in order to get Akin nominated, because they believed he would be their most vulnerable opponent. It seems their investment has paid off in spades.

But back to the issue at the center of this maelstrom, it seems quite clear that Akin’s “legitimate rape” remark was an extremely off-base way to say that the woman’s body in unable to conceive when rapes involve a lot of fear. Biologically ignorant? Yes, it is. I don’t know much about Akin, but if this was not simply a slip, and he is habitually this misinformed or inarticulate, that should factor heavily into whether someone would want to vote for him to be a US senator.

But two thing bothers me about the way this has played out. First is the level of demagoguery that has gone into this. Belief that a fear factor would play into the possibility of a woman conceiving is entirely understandable, if statistically wrong. And yet Akin’s slip has become the major meme of the Democrats this election season, with them even switching their national convention’s main theme to it.

Doesn’t this seem excessive? Women in general are at least as prolife as the general population. Romney has explicitly endorsed rape and incest exceptions, while the Republican platform calls for a human life amendment, and doesn’t mention exceptions for rape or incest, on the theory that granularity belongs to the states.

The other thing that bothers me is the completeness of the Republican establishment’s abandonment of Akin. Romney has chosen a fiscal warrior and reformer, Paul Ryan, to be his vice presidential running mate. In doing so he has signaled that he is going to make this campaign about substantive issues, and that he intends to get down to the business of making America work again should he become president. He has faced “third-rail” issues such as Medicare head-on. Predictably, he was met with demagoguery, but he has not flinched, and I would say he is prevailing and is turning the issue back on the Dems, to their great distress. Even seniors, who Democrats claim have the most to lose, are heavily endorsing Romney and his Medicare plan.

And yet on the Akin issue, Romney and company have kowtowed to political correctness. I can understand the pressure to do so. They already have been taking withering fire from the media and from Obama’s smear campaign, so I’m sure they didn’t want any more. Nonetheless I think it is a mistake to have capitulated so quickly, without parsing the issue and separating Akin’s error from his intent.

If Akin proves himself to be a capable candidate (as polls might be indicating now) and worthy of a seat in the Senate, I think the Pubs should get behind him again. If his slip is characteristic of him, then I do think he should step aside. We have about four weeks before the cut-off date for the Party to appoint a replacement.

The Dems and the media have used political correctness to chill free speech for too long. If we are going to survive as a free nation, we will need to confront and defeat that beast. Romney and Ryan have shown a lot of courage so far, regarding fiscal matters. It has served them well and I wish them well. We need the same kind of courage with regard to social issues. I believe on this issue they have fallen short.



The plight of the Copts

August 29, 2012 Leave a comment

The video above shows raw emotional pain. I could have chosen worse, but I wanted only to convey the distress our brothers are in without exalting the power of the enemy. As it is, it is hard enough to take.

The two year old “Arab Spring” was much-heralded in the western press. It began in Tunisia, which is ironically one of the less oppressive Arab nations, when a street merchant immolated himself to protest government corruption. Such is the human thirst for freedom. These people have access to the Internet now, and they see how westerners live. How you gonna keep them down on the farm?

For many years whenever I would hear that a nation didn’t have the cultural underpinnings for democracy, I thought that was absurd. Self determination is hard-wired in our psyche, I reasoned. But I was naïve of spiritual strongholds that repress truth and freedom. Since then I’ve learned the bitter truth.

As I studied the history and foundations of Islam, I became aware that the faith was spread by the sword and does not support precious rudiments that we take for granted, such as freedom of conscience and of worship, and even the most basic human rights.

Islam has the middle east in a vise, and its grip is tightening. When Mubarak was deposed in Egypt, we were told democratic elections would ensue, and human rights would be the top priority. The Muslim Brotherhood promised it would not field a candidate for the presidency. But it did, and won. He had promised he would appoint a Christian and a woman as vice presidents. That promise was forgotten, as a fellow traveler Islamist was instead chosen. And quickly, president Morsi has deposed the secular generals and replaced them with Islamists. The Islamic takeover of Egypt is nearly complete (parliament is disbanded, all that remains it to pack the judiciary). It was done in a few short weeks, without a shot being fired. The goal is to impose Islamic law on the nation, in preparation for the dominating worldwide caliphate rule the Muslims hope for.

In all this, the Copts have been severely distressed, being outnumbered 9 to 1 by Muslims. With all Mubarak’s faults, at least under him the Copts had some minimal protection. Now they have virtually none. Every day they are driven out of their homes, they are killed, their daughters are abducted. The police could hardly care less. There is no one to turn to. Egypt is on its way to becoming another Pakistan.

Who will help? Obama? He’s the one who let the Iranian patriots twist in the wind when we had a golden chance to get rid of the worst regime on the face of the earth at minimal cost. He’s the one who occupies himself with celebrating Islamic feasts in the White House, and apologizing for America to the Muslims on their soil before he was even inaugurated, and who couldn’t bother to fill the post of advocate for religious rights for two years. Look at what this Christianity-professing man does, not what he says.

The Copts seem to be on their own. Most of those who can are leaving Egypt. The rest are stuck.

All I can say is that we need to hold these people in our hearts before the Lord. For as the Bible says, we too are “in the body”, as susceptible to abuse as are they. I look at the current scene and I marvel at how much has changed since my early days. I never would have thought American society would become so morally dumbed-down, hardened and coarse; that the media and all our institutions would become so cravenly biased against truth and human rights, the very foundations of our freedoms. But it is indeed upon us.

If we don’t turn this thing around very soon, it will be too late. As the beneficiaries of free will, God let’s us have our way when we insist. But we do not get to separate consequences from choices. We have fallen to this low estate because as a nation we have spit in God’s face. It has been a progression for many decades, but it has been accelerating more and more, until now we are almost out of control. We are falling apart on the inside, and cannot stand before our enemies on the outside. The Bible word for that is judgment. It may be reversible, but the window for doing so is open only for a short time.


If I wanted America to fail…

April 22, 2012 Leave a comment

I continue to pray that America will not be fooled again. God have mercy.



180: a powerful film you must see

March 17, 2012 4 comments

This is a half-hour film that I wish everyone would watch and consider. Give  it a chance. It could be a life-changer for you or someone you know. Warning: it does contain some graphic images.